Raspberry Rum

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This is our number one selling jam and is made with fresh raspberries and just a splash of rum. It features an intense raspberry taste that will linger long after you restore the lid. The rum burns off in the cooking, but not before it makes the raspberry flavor explode. Use this jam on toast or crackers, but be sure make use of it for dipping sea scallops as well. Add a nice bottle of wine or your favorite cheese and crackers and you’ve just created your new favorite treat!

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4 reviews for Raspberry Rum

  1. Xzait (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite!!! It’s delicious. It even inspired me to try making my own raspberry jam, and then I thought about more and said F***-it I’m just going to buy more.

  2. Gail

    Absolutely incredible flavor!! It had to be hoarded so that it would last!! Can’t wait to try the blackberry brandy one!

  3. Melissa LeFrancois


  4. Mike

    Loved it! Going to try other flavors really yummy

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