Raspberry Rhubarb

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Raspberry Rhubarb was created specifically for the people over at the Magical Moon Foundation. Al has teamed up with Magical Moon to help children and their families coupe with the hardships of going through cancer. This jam is great on fried dough, waffles or turnovers.It's even great in a raspberry lime rickey!

At the Magical Moon Farm, it is our mission to turn the unfair diagnosis of cancer into an empowering and nurturing course of action. We are not about fighting cancer here. We’re about going head on into fear and seeing what strengths and happy outcomes we can build from a place of hope. Between treatments, there is an invaluable opportunity for building a child’s stamina and working on a positive mental outlook.” For more information and to donate visit

All of the proceeds from Raspberry Rhubarb sales will be donated to the Magical Moon Foundation to help change the lives of children diagnosed with cancer.


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