We are a small family run business located in Historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. Known as America’s hometown, The Mayflower, Plymouth plantation, and Plymouth Rock are just some of the history that can be found here. Although known for being one of the top historic vacation destinations in the country, Plymouth is also a location full of great natural resource’s. Located on the inside edge of Cape Cod Bay our seafood is the freshest and small local farmers produce everything from beef to berries. We are home to some of the countries oldest cranberry growers, how could we not take advantage of all this and some old recipes to make some great homemade jams!

Our goal at Al’s Backwoods Berrie Co. is to produce the best homemade jams from the freshest ingredients. All our jams are made with local fruit when in season, out of season we buy only fruit sold by reputable suppliers. Our jams are made on site by Al himself, to ensure the freshness and quality of every jar.


We handcraft all of our jams and jellies from scratch using an old family recipe. Al works with local farms and suppliers to ensure we use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, whenever possible; from farm to table.


Our raw honey is harvested all over New England. It is harvested during blooming season from different flowers—cranberries from Cape Cod, blueberries from Northern Maine, knotweed from Western MA and Upstate NY, clover from NY. We also have filtered wildflower honey from LA and orange blossom from FL.


We work closely with the Magical Moon Foundation to help kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. We donate jams and jellies which you can purchase at their farm stand in Marshfield, MA! All of the proceeds from those sales go to the Foundation. If you’d like to learn more about the Magical Moon Foundation, click the button below!

We Deliver

We ship orders to customers in the 48 continental United States!


We practice eco friendly techniques.

Always Fresh

Every jar is personally crafted by Al to ensure quality & freshness.

local tastes better

When it’s local, you know it’s fresh. Sourcing our ingredients from local farms and distributors not only ensures freshness, but allows us to support local farmers, businesses and communities. Our jams aren’t just crafted in America’s hometown, they’re crafted by America’s hometown. You can taste it in every jar!


You can find Al every weekend during the Spring and Summer months at Farmers Markets across Massachusetts and New England. Keep an eye out for us at Wellfleet Flea Market!  Stop by our store at 76 Camelot Drive, Plymouth Monday-Friday, 10 AM – 4 PM


Al is a true jam-ologist! You can always find him in his jam laboratory, constantly pushing the envelope, trying new combinations and infusions. Feeling adventurous? We’ve got something for every palette!

alcohol infused JAMS

We offer a wide range of alcohol infused jams, our most popular being Black Berry Brandy. We also work closely with Plymouth Bay Winery to create their line of Wine Jellies!


These jams pack a punch! They start off sweet and then hit you with the heat! These are great for cooking, try it on chicken or pork, great for grilling and in the crockpot!


Everyone loves a sweet and fruity jam! We carry man traditional flavors, as well as some combinations you may not have thought of! Try them all and satisfy that sweet tooth!

From Jammin’ Gears to Just Plain Jammin’

Do you live on the edge? Ever cooked with jam? I just released my first cookbook with the help of my good friend Donna Walo Clancy. Jam on toast is a thing of the past. Take a deep dive into Al’s world where we use jam on just about everything…

– Al “The Jelly Man” Chisholm
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Questions? Comments? Drop us a line and let us guide your taste buds on an adventure they’ll never forget!

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